In Case You Missed It: Voices from Across the U.S. Economy Write in on PROTECT IP Act

A diverse cross-section of the U.S. Economy today voiced support for the PROTECT IP Act, legislation to crack down on offshore websites offering pirated or counterfeit products.  A letter from 170 businesses, trade associations and professional organizations, including the Copyright Alliance, was sent to the all members of the U.S. Senate endorsing the legislation and urging the Senate to pass the bill and to work with the House of Representatives to follow suit.  Additionally, a letter signed by half a dozen unions was sent to Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), two of the bill's bipartisan sponsors, expressing their “unequivocal support” for the legislation.

UPDATE:  The Production Music Association (PMA) also sent a letter to Senators Leahy and Hatch endorsing the legislation on behalf of the association’s nearly 400 members.  Microsoft also took to their company blog to offer their support for the PROTECT IP Act and urged the Senate Judiciary committee to report the bill.   Read their post here.

These letters and their signatures represent a diverse cross section of the U.S. economy, ranging from apparel retailers to medical suppliers to sports leagues and entertainment guilds, and indicate both the far-reaching nature of the problem of IP theft as well as the broad support for the legislation.