More on Copyright Alerts

On a White House Blog appropriately titled “Working Together to Stop Internet Piracy”, Victoria Espinel endorses the new voluntary industry agreement announced yesterday between movie, music and television representatives and internet service providers.

More from the Blogosphere

Terry Hart continues cranking out thoughtful, reasoned analysis on various copyright law issues. This one rebuts the hyper-rhetoric surrounding a bill that would make penalties for streaming infringing content the same as for downloading infringing content. Chris Castle also has a good piece taking on a letter from a group of academics opposing Protect IP.

More from the Chilling Effect

And finally, a compelling piece from The Chilling Effect that argues, “The public internet is rapidly becoming a bastion of bad behavior” and goes on: “After two decades of allowing entire segments of our economy to be destroyed you would think that we would be observant and attempt to address the problems.”