Music Speaks Up on Erroneous Web Campaign

Guilds and associations representing artists, publishers, songwriters and record labels have issued a statement regarding the erroneous attacks by the so-called “freebieber” website against a bill aimed at protecting artists rights:

Statement from:
American Federation of Musicians,
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists,
National Music Publishers' Association,
Recording Academy,
and the Recording Industry Association of America

"An anonymous website is hijacking a legitimate effort to protect the rights of millions of artists. Its blatant inaccuracies are unfair to all those striving to protect the rights of American creators.

"Senator Klobuchar’s pro-artist legislation is carefully crafted to go after people who, with criminal intent, try to earn a profit from the misuse of copyrighted videos. It does not affect people who post their own videos or the services they use to do so. As numerous news outlets and copyright experts have concluded (links below), the claim that any aspiring musician would face jail time for posting videos is simply wrong. We represent thousands of musicians, songwriters, record labels and others in the music community and we are very grateful for the Senator’s thoughtful, reasonable proposal.",2817,2395242,00.asp#fbid=TFyOekkZPGq