The Morning After: Perspectives on the SOPA Debate

The hours leading up to and during yesterday’s blackout of websites in the name of protesting anti-piracy legislation prompted a flurry of coverage, more stark claims about the impending death of the Internet, and knee-jerk reactions to the outcry.

Much like waking up with a bad hangover, however, the morning after may provide a moment for more sober thinking about what this all means.

Following are pieces that have appeared mostly overnight that offer some more nuanced and big picture thinking about what’s happening with online culture, overheated debate, and the potential consequences. Not all of these authors are supporters of SOPA, and make a point of saying so. But they all offer thoughtful takes on the debate.

New York Times, The False Ideals of the Web

Financial Post, No Oil Meets No Copyright

The Herald Scotland, Wiki Boss has Picked the Wrong Fight for Democracy

The Hill, Anti-piracy Battle Reveals Dysfunctional Thinking

The Guardian, Behind the Music: What if the culture industry shut down for a day?

The Register, White House shelves SOPA….now what?

The Chilling Report, The Haves and the Want to Haves – for Free

Detroit Free Press, Websites' fight for freedom may be about profits, too

Yale Daily News, SOPA is no apocalypse