In Case You Missed It: Google's Take on Privacy, In Their Own Words

On the Precursor Blog, Scott Cleland takes a look at Google’s stance on privacy. While this article is a bit over the line in terms of Google bashing for our taste — creepy online behavior is certainly not limited to any one company — the quotes collected by the author, and the attitudes towards the privacy rights of consumers, are definitely worth being informed of.

Why do we care about this issue? Because we, like you, care about an open and fair internet. To us, the word FAIR means an internet that doesn’t exploit artists or fans. A fair internet is one that respects not only the rights of artists, creators and innovators to share our work with fans and earn a living from it (if we are talented enough), but an internet where we likewise respect some reasonable boundaries vis-a-vis our fans.

Read Cleland’s post here