Why Don’t LGBT Movies Make Money At The Box Office Anymore? – Piracy, Piracy, Piracy!

The following article, titled "Why Don't LGBT Movies Make Money At The Box Office Anymore?" was posted on Indie Wire yesterday by Peter Knegt. In the article, Peter debates the validity of five potential explanations for the dramatic decrease in Box Office profit of LGBT films. What the article most glaringly fails to account for is the colossal amount of damage online piracy has afflicted on the film industry, and more specifically: the LGBT film industry.

Kathy Wolfe, founder and CEO of the oldest and leading distributor of LGBT films in the world: Wolfe Releasing, is no stranger to the detrimental affects of online piracy. Kathy’s own business spends millions of dollars scanning for infringing content and endless hours sending takedown notices, and in THIS recent Huffington Post editorial, Kathy very convincingly presents the business case for this issue. Without these Anti-Piracy efforts, Wolfe Releasing could not function, even less survive in the distribution business. But these crucial efforts that Wolfe Releasing, like many other distributors must take, are sadly taking away time and money that could be used to create and distribute new films.

Well renowned Indie filmmaker Ellen Seidler, had her film, “And Then Came Lola,” suffer almost instantaneously at the hands of online piracy. Finding the first downloaded link of her film within 24 hours of its release, she discovered that the piracy sites were the ones making the profit – not her. Fueled by this discovery she created the blog: Popuppirates, and has since become a prominent voice in the battle against Piracy.

So now that we know why LGBT movies are not making money at the box office anymore, how can we fix it?